Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Entire Beatles catalog remastered (finally)

After years of waiting, Beatles fans are finally being rewarded with completely remastered reissues of every one of the Liverpool quartet's studio albums.

Though the hype around the new Rock Band game featuring the band is overshadowing this news, the remasters are a significantly bigger deal for anyone who's been waiting since the first CD Beatles releases for better quality versions.

Listeners with a good set of headphones are richly rewarded with recordings that are deep and colorful. Backing instruments emerge from the haze of previous editions of the albums. Whether it's Billy Preston's organ on Let It Be or band members shouting in the background, everything is crystal clear. Even the flaws are on display: Lennon's legendary bass mistakes on "The Long and Winding Road" are audible even among Phil Spector's heavy-handed production.

The Beatle who benefits the most from the remastering is Paul McCartney, whose nimble bass has been buried in the mix since the first vinyl pressings of these albums.

Though presale orders on Amazon have already sold out, rest assured that there will be plenty to go around.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, where can I find, and what can I expect to pay? (and by that, I mean what's the rapidshare address for the free download?)

Andrew Steadman said...

I'm sure the price will be exorbitant, and the rapidshare links will be plentiful. I'm just not authorized to divulge that information. Not for free, at least...