Friday, July 17, 2009

About Apollo's Cred

Apollo's Cred is an arts-related online magazine. We intend to fill a niche, that of an electronic magazine that covers music, cinema and food, bringing the various arts together in one place.

The reason for the creation of Apollo's Cred:

Magazines and newspapers are closing down. Something's clearly not working. Journalism, and especially arts journalism, needs a kickstart.

We at Apollo's Cred believe we can improve upon traditional print magazines, bringing to you arts-related news coverage, reviews, features and commentary. All of us are recent college graduates looking for an alternative to traditional journalism. We offer a young person's perspective on the things we cover simply because we are young.

We're not motivated by commercial interests. Though we do rely on advertising revenue, our voices are independent of any large corporation. We write about what interests us and what we think will interest you.

Please participate. We value your input. Comment on our posts, follow us on Twitter (@apolloscred) or e-mail us at

We welcome submissions for review, though we can't guarantee we'll be able to write a review or that the review will be favorable. But even an unfavorable review posted online is good publicity.

Editors-in-chief: Mark Maurer and Andrew Steadman
Staff Writer: Christopher Fusco

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Daniel said...

Does Maurer Power indeed only last for an hour?