Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Release Tuesday: 9/1/09

I realize this post is coming rather late in the day for "new releases." Better late than never, right?

David Bazan  -  Curse Your Branches
Black Crowes  -  Before The Frost.....Until The Freeze
Chevelle  -  Sci-Fi Crimes
The Color Morale  -  We All Have Demons
Cross Canadian Ragweed  -  Happiness And All The Other Things
Datarock  -  Red
The Entrance Band  -  The Entrance Band
Whitney Houston  -  I Look To You
Insane Clown Posse  -  Bang Pow Boom
Juliette Lewis  -  Terra Incognita
The Opposite Of Sex  -  Live + Burn [EP]
Pitbull  -  Rebelution
Beanie Sigel  -  Broad Street Bully
Simple Minds  -  Graffiti Soul
Trey Songz  -  Ready
These United States  -  Everything Touches Everything
The Used  -  Artwork
Andrew WK  -  55 Cadillac
Chris Young  -  The Man I Want To Be

The good: The Black Crowes' new album is actually a double LP: you get the first disc in the CD case and the second half can be downloaded.  Also, I only know one Simple Minds song -- "Don't You (Forget About Me)" -- but it's a good one.  And it's always a party with Andrew WK (quite literally).

The bad: How the hell is Insane Clown Posse still around?  There can't be more than four or five people who listen to their records.  What could possibly be their appeal?  Unless, of course, an absurd fascination with clowns, circus imagery and shoddy rhymes counts as appealing.

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