Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Beatles: Rock Band on tour

Via AFP: The new Beatles: Rock Band video game is on tour in anticipation of the game's September 9 release.  Gamers who attend its tour stops, like one at the Rockit Room bar in San Francisco last Wednesday, get the chance to preview the game.

The game's release is significant for a few reasons beyond its appeal to video game fans.  First: its story mode focuses on historical detail, giving players the opportunity to re-live important points in the band's development from Cavern Club pub players to the Ed Sullivan Show to Shea Stadium.

The company that holds the rights to the distribution of The Beatles' music, Apple Corps, has been extremely wary of releasing any songs digitally.  A quick search on iTunes reveals that none of the music controlled by Apple Corps (not to be confused with the Apple that owns iTunes) is available for download.  That the real tracks are included in Rock Band is therefore somewhat interesting.  Maybe it signals Beatles downloads down the road?

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