Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Warner brings Legos to silver screen

Opening movie credits of decades past label an adapted screenplay or story as “Based on a play,” “Based on a novel,” or “Based on a film.” In 2003, Gore Verbinski’s Pirates of the Caribbean credited its story’s origin to the Walt Disney themepark attraction. In 2007, Michael Bay’s blockbuster Tranformers’ credits and movie poster read: Based on Hasbro's Transformers™ Action Figures. Not based on an intelligent narrative story but a saleable product or service.

Well, another profitable toy franchise is getting made into film. The plastic building blocks Legos, only featured in direct-to-DVD animated movies up to this point, now joins G.I. Joe, Transformers and other toys onscreen. Variety reported that Warner Bros. hired writers Dan and Kevin Hageman to pen a family comedy mixing live action and animation that is set within the capacious Lego world.

I was kind of glad this took so long to take off as a cinematic extension of the franchise. Do we need a Lego film?

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