Friday, August 7, 2009

What’s Out: Julie & Julia, Cold Souls, Paper Heart

Julie & Julia: Writer-director Nora Ephron adapts two memoirs, My Life in France, by Julia Child and Alex Prod’homme, and Julie & Julia, by Julie Powell. Meryl Streep is Julia and Amy Adams is Julie. This film should make you hungry, but nothing can top all the absolutely delicious-looking pies in the film Waitress. Not that I'm admitting I watched Waitress. But it is very good.

Cold Souls: The great Paul Giamatti, an Italian who made a career out of playing neurotic Jews, plays himself in this dark comedy about an actor who signs up for a soul-removal service. From the looks of the bizarre, inventive trailer, this flick screams Charlie Kaufman, but according to reviews, this one certainly stands up on its own merits.

Paper Heart: This faux-doc starring musician/comedian/actress Charlyne Yi, a friend of a friend of the Apatow tribe, asks questions about the existence of true love.

What's your best bet? Cold Souls.

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