Thursday, July 16, 2009

From the Kitchen: Twecipes

In the age of technology, have chefs lost touch with their kitchen crews or hindered their restaurants with lack of technology?

With Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and the never-ending list of popular blogs out there, the kitchen still lacks the information technology that many other industries are embracing.

However, there is one recent example of information technology mixing with food. Celebrity chefs have started a new way of exchanging recipes on the increasingly popular social media network Twitter. These new "twecipes" feature 140 or less character recipes from popular chefs such as Rick Bayless.

The one issue with these "twecipes" is the problem of chef's lingo being necessarily used to shorten these simple and seasonal favorites in tweet form, which may present a problem for the cook at home. On the other hand, these twecipes can also be very informative about local produce in season and available at farmers markets.

Maybe Twitter is a good idea, helping to effectively expand networks in the cooking world and bring people back into the kitchen to cook for their families. In addition to quick and simple recipes, twecipes will aid in networking chefs with chefs and cooks with cooks. This might lead to a boost in the restaurant industry, which has been hit hard by the recession, convincing people to get out and eat.

Twecipes.... what's next? Chefs cooking with Blackberries?

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