Monday, July 13, 2009

Apollo Approved: Outlaw Beekeepers

Non-New York residents may be unaware of the recent buzz around the Big Apple, but this should get you up to speed.

That's right. NYC has renegade beekeepers, dodging LEO (law enforcement officers) and producing some potent product (honey).

The city has regulations prohibiting owning hundreds of other animals within its limits, including livestock -- bad news for anyone with an urban egg production scheme -- and bees fall under that umbrella.

However, bee keeping has been an ongoing issue for "underground" beekeepers, who face fines upwards of $2000. "Underground" is a little bit of a misnomer, since contraband beehives are often located on city rooftops.

Now, there are bills in legislation to legalize beekeeping in the city. Beekeepers, who are turning out in force to push legalization, say the bees would be good for the environment and to help grow a diminishing bee population. Additionally, honey draws its flavor from the terroir of an area, creating honey with a unique flavor. NYC beekeeping also counts advocates of sustainable food sources among its proponents.

Legalize it!

Beekeeping, that is.

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