Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama proposes 10% tax on unhealthy food

Today I found out about a new 10% tax President Obama is attempting to place on unhealthy food.  The tax, supposedly, would raise $522 billion in the next 10 years, assuming Americans keep consuming the taxed food at a similar rate.  The revenue, in turn, would be used to ease the economic pressure of increasing food costs.  With Michelle Obama promoting victory gardens and healthy eating and people like Alice Waters and Ann Cooper promoting sustainable farming techniques and eating healthy in school food programs, this could be a reality check for the obese country we have become. 

Those who know me know I am a huge supporter of local, sustainable and organic foods, especially when they're used to benefit lower income citizens who normally wouldn't be able to afford to purchase these foods.

Obama's tax will make people look at what they are eating and promote local farming and sustainable methods. It will, hopefully, also bring the family back to the table because they will be more inclined to cook dinner from scratch, rather than stop at the local fast food joint.  This, in turn, will help reduce the epidemic of diabetes, heart disease and other obesity-related health costs.
Read more in this article posted by Forbes and tell us what you think about these ongoing issues.

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